Amelisa Rawly Meat Pie 155g/375g - Chicken & Duck Formula

RM49.00 MYR

Rawly Meat Pie is founded using freeze drying technology from the greatest recipe strive to provide the best quality of daily meal to our furry friends. Holistic recipe that used fresh raw meat as base, crushed bones and vital organs giving our furry friends a whole prey diet. Vitamins and goat milk powder added in to provide extra nutrient and care. Rawly Meat Pie Formulas are fresh raw diet that is complete in nutrition and to be fed as main diet.

Special Features Of Goods

  1. Unique Formula: Rawly meat pie aim in providing the best, most complete diet to your pet's health. Perfect formula is carefully measured to provide essential amount of nutrient that is needed to led a joyful and healthy lifestyle.
  2. Ideal of sensitive pets: Rawly meat pie is a grain-free diet which is free from any kind of grain, gluten, corn, wheat and soy, providing a wholesome diet with holistic nutrition.
  3. "Yummy Value" Guaranteed: Rawly Meat Pie offer a variety of formula with different main protein with using only the highest quality of meat. Gentle Freeze-Drying process preserved the meaty taste and smell giving out pet best satisfaction.
  4. Health Benefit: Only the best quality, food-graded raw meat is chosen and together with the vitamins added, Rawly Meat Pie offer wholesale of which can help in promoting better digestive system, weight control and support overall body health.
Chicken Meat, Duck Meat, Chicken Heart, Duck Liver, Fish Chop, Antarctic Krill, Egg Yolk, Chicken Blood, New Zealand green-lipped mussel, multivitamin extract, taurine, linseed oil, goat milk powder. 


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