CZ Aqua Products Kenta Goldfish food 150g

RM40.00 MYR
  • Special formula to help release gas

  • Help nutrients absoption

Growth promoter, color enhancer, strong finnage and lion head up.

Available in floating and sinking type.


  • Formula khas untuk membebaskan gas

  • Membantu penyerapan nutrien

Menyokong pertumbuhan, meningkatkan warna, finnage yang kuat dan kepala singa.

Terdapat dalam jenis terapung dan tenggelam.


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  • Hi Guys, do you ship to Australia ? I'm looking for CZ Aqua Products Kenta Goldfish food 150g, sinking. If so how much for 4 bags plus postage ? Thanks in advance Adam Chinnery

    Hi, please email us at of your shipping address so that we can check the EMS cost.