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Fluval Marine & Reef 2.0 LED Strip Light

Fluval Marine & Reef 2.0 LED Strip Light

Regular price RM549.00 MYR

Engineered for vibrant coral growth, color and health, the Fluval Sea Marine & Reef 2.0 Performance LED features greater light output than the previous generation of marine and reef LED strip lights, in addition to a new illuminated touch-switch with dimmer. Six light spectrum bandwaves (four of which are essential actinic blue wavelenghts) ensure balanced full spectrum coverage.

Key Features:

  • Full Spectrum Marine and Reef LED Lighting
  • With essential actinic blue spectral wavelenghts
  • Promotes and supports strong coral growth and color
  • Balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal coral photosynthetic activity, growth & viewing
  • Features 6 unique LEDs, including 400, 420, 440, 460nm LEDs for outstanding blue spectrum coverage.
  • 120 degree light dispersion for full area coverage and uniform lighting
  • Illuminated touch-sensitive switch with dimming feature
  • Versatile mounting options (for aquarium frame, on cabinet, or suspended)
  • Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths
  • Completely sealed and water proofed
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Lifetime hours: 50,000
  • Color Temperature 25000k
  • For salt water aquarium only
Model Watts 32W 46W 59W
Extension Range 61cm - 85cm (24" - 34") 91cm - 122cm (36" - 48") 122cm - 153cm (48" - 60")
Lumens 1350LM 1950LM 2550LM
Total LED 168 252 356