Ice Towel 66x43cm #84829

RM15.90 MYR

*Random color given

  • Strong water absorption capacity.
  • Soft and delicate touch.
  • Strong nature, but not tear-resistant
  • Made of degradable PVA material, it is lumpy when dry to destroy the invasion environment and reproduction of the germ

How to use:

  1. New products are turned on, please wash in water for 10 seconds before use;
  2. The product becomes harder, destroys the growth environment of bacteria, does not affect the use, and it can become softer after immersion;
  3. It can be used in conjunction with neutral detergent, it can be washed in a washing machine, not dry clean, and not bleached;
  4. Please at 70℃Use at the water temperature below, after use, it can be put back in the barrel for moisturizing, please keep it cool and dry for a long time.

Using PVA special treatment, the texture is soft and does not shed cotton wool, and has a slight structure. Using the fine hair phenomenon to quickly absorb the water on the surface of the object, it has strong water absorption.
This product has strong toughness, tensile and tear resistance; strong water absorption; good touch, soft and delicate, and durable; it can be made of PVA material, and it is hard lump shape when dry to prevent the invasion of germs


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