Nano Crystal Clear Aquarium 5-6mm Thick Glass

RM59.90 MYR

Available in:

  • 30L x 17W x 20Hcm, 5mm thick glass
  • 35L x 20W x 23Hcm, 5mm thick glass
  • 40L x 23W x 25Hcm, 5mm thick glass
  • 45L x 28W x 30Hcm, 5mm thick glass
  • 50L x 26W x 30Hcm, 5mm thick glass
  • 60L x 30W x 34Hcm, 6mm thick glass


    Ask a Question
    • 30L x 17W x 20Hcm, 5mm thick glass - for this thank what filter is suitable?

      An Aquaclear 20 should be able to handle most fishes

    • Is there an acrylic cover for these tanks? or separate purchase for the cover?

      There's no cover for this type of tank. It is meant to be open top tank.

    • May i know the brand for this aquarium?

      This aquarium have no brand

    • Can u install black background?

      Sorry we don't have background

    • Can fill water with full tank?

      Yes of cause

    • do you have anything 40-45 W?

      W or cm?

    • is this suitable for beta fish?

      Yes, it will house a Betta fish with no problem. You can also easily install an elite filter to makes things easier to maintain.

    • is this glass?

      Yes. Low density glass also known as crystal clear glass where it's more translucent then normal glass.

    • Size 23X15X21 will still restock?

      Nano crystal clear doesn't have 23" anymore.

    • Did this comes with cover on top?

      No it doesn't comes with a cover.

    • Do you provide other size Crystal Clear Aquarium 60x35x35cm

      Sizes are as provided in the option