Natural Pet Natural Vitamin C Acerola Tablet 60 tabs

RM46.00 MYR

Rich in Bio-Active C

Acerola is rich in natural vitamins A, B group and C

Natural Pet Small Animal Natural Vitamin C Acerola Tablet is used as a health supplement for animal only.

This unique supplement contains a natural source of Vitamin C derived from Acerola Cherry. Acerola Cherry is a tropical fruit rich in nature's bioavailable source of Vitamins A, B group and C. Most birds and small animals especially guinea pigs unable to produce  Vitamin C and require a daily intake of this vitamin. Vitamin C supports good health, optimize their immune system and prevent from developing scurvy.


Suitable for all breeds of small animal. The recommended dose is calculated based on weight:

 Hamster and other equivalent size animals 1/2 tablet once daily
Ferrets, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs etc 1 tablet once daily


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