Sicce Zero Nitra 2x50g

RM65.00 MYR

ZERONITRA DOLCE Nitrates derive from the decomposition of food residues, plant remains and fish waste. They are the end product of the nitrogen cycle. Since plants typically remove only a small fraction of the nitrogen produced in the aquarium, nitrates can accumulate quickly. Excess nitrates promote algae growth that, in addition to being unaesthetic, can hinder plant growth. In high concentrations, nitrates become dangerous for the health of aquarium fish. ZERONITRA eliminates nitrates in 48 hours and keeps on working to maintain the minimum level. ZERONITRA effectiveness depends upon on the amount of nitrate initially present in the aquarium, and the rate at which new nitrate is produced by the biological filter. That rate depends upon the fish population, feeding rates, and filter efficiency. For this reason, we advise periodic testing for nitrate to determine the optimum schedule for product replacement. It does not alter pH and is not hazardous for aquarium fish or plants.


Nitrate pollution-eliminating spherical granules.

Beads eliminate nitrates from aquarium water within 48 hours.

For fresh water

Two practical, ready to use, single-dose pouches.


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