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Fluval Sea Total Clear 175g (6.1 oz)

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Ideal for both fresh and salt water aquariums, Total Clear is chemical filter media that quickly and effectively removes toxins, heavy metals, odors, discolorations, organic waste and other harmful pollutants.



  • Unique mixture of activated carbon and resins rapidly eliminate unwanted contaminants to establish a clean and healthy aquatic environment
  • Helps to also remove ammonia and nitrate build-up, which can be extremely harmful to fish
  • Use as an everyday chemical filter media or to remove specific toxic metals and organic compounds
  • Does not affect pH, KH and water hardness
  • Helps to bring out fish colors and appetite
  • For best results, replace every 3-6 months (depending on tank size and fish load)


Size: 175 g (6.1 oz)

Formulated for reef aquariums and excellent for freshwater aquariums.
Treats up to 189 L (50 US Gal)


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