UP External Hang On Aquarium Filter 120

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Product highlight

·Suitable for 30-60cm aquarium

·Space saving compare to large external filter, adjustable flow rate

·4 layer design, spacious design for filter media

·With aeration function



Up Aqua External 120 Hang On Filter is designed for 30-60cm aquarium. Its strong and adjustable flow rate ensure high efficiency of filtration in your aquarium. It comes with 4 layers of space for filtration media, and aeration function to help maintain a healthy, clean environment for your aquatic pets. Highly recommend to clean the filter once a month to maintain the efficiency.


Instruction of use

1)Install the hang on clip to filter

2)Attach the output filtration pipe

3)Fill in aquarium water into input hole (no need to attach input pipe yet) until filter is filled with water

4)Install Input pipe, then switch on the filter

5)If the filter appears to be noisy and water flow is slow when switched on for the first time, there may be trapped air inside. Repeat step 3-4 again


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