SL Aqua More Nitroactive Nitrifying Bacteria for Fish 250ml/500ml

RM45.00 MYR

Highly concentrated Nitroactive is specifically developed for ornamental fishes. Unique bacteria dormancy technique can bring beneficial bacteria into full play. Nitroactive can efficiently establish nitrogen cycle system of microbes to achieve ecological balance, make water limpid, restrain growth of hair algae and other harmful algae. Apply to all kinds of ornamental fishes, especially sensitive species such as Pterophyllum, Arowana, Cichlidae, Dwarf cichlid, Poecilia reticulate, Goldfish, Characiformes.


  • Regular maintenance: Add 1 mL per 10 liters of water.

Bacteria will generate moldy film (velum) on substrate when new tank setup. This is normal phenomenon.

250mL, 500mL


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