NicePets Natural Wooden Wood Pellet 4kg

RM13.90 MYR
NicePets Natural Wooden Pellet is a natural high quality standard product. It is manufactured using 100% high quality Russian pine wood shavings with no chemicals added in any of the manufacturing process.
  • Natural Odour Control
  • Absorbs and Neutralizers Ammonia Odour
  • Fight Odor Caused by Bacteria
  • Chemical Free
  • No Tracking
  • No Dust

Instructions to use:
  1. Fill the litter tray to a height of about 5cm.
  2. Solid waste can be removed easily using a scoop.
  3. Pellets that are wet will be turned into sawdust and can be sieved out easily.
  4. Simply replenish tray with new litter to maintain the height to about 5cm.
  5. Sawdust can be used as garden fertilizer.

Product Origin: Malaysia


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