Ocean Nutrition Atison Betta SPA 125ml

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Mr. Atison Phumchoosri is recognized worldwide as one of the most respected Betta breeders. By combining Mr. Atison's unrivaled experience in breeding Betta fish and our unique know-how in developing high-end feeds we have developed the Artison's Betta Products. Using Mr. Artison's vast testing grounds, we were able to determine that this product range specifically meets the needs of the Betta species. 

  • The Wild Almond leaf extract creates a more natural environment for the Betta Fish. The leaves contain humic acids and tannins and are known to have antibacterial properties.
  • The Yucca extract binds the ammonia (NH3) in the water. Therefore we recommend use of the Betta SPA for all fishes kept in small containers, especially during transportation.
  • Contains Calcium needed to activate the muscles and to develop strong bones, teeth and scales.
  • Lowers the pH of the water and absorbs harmful chemicals.
  • Adds essential trace elements to the water.
  • Ideal for conditioning the Betta, promotes spawning activity and colors.
  • Colors the water via natural tannins, lignins and fulvic acids.
  • Will make bubble nests stickier.
  • Produced with natural ingredients.

Instruction for use:

Unscrew the lid of the 5ml container, squeeze to fill the 5ml container with the amount of product you need to pour in the tank. We advice 5ml per 8 liters (approx.2 gallons) water for normal maintenance or 5ml per 4 liters (approx 1 gallon) water for conditioning. Do not add salt to the water. Use with every water change for tanks without filters, we recommend a complete water change at leasts once every 10 days.


Wild Almond Leaves extract (Terminalia Catappa), Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Yucca extract, Almond extract, Preservatives.



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