Petpal Coprophagia Deterrent 250g

RM53.00 MYR

Stops puppies and dogs from eating their own feces.

Petpal Coprophagia Deterrent helps eliminate and prevent coprophagy, the unhealthy habit of stool (feces) eating.

Petpal Coprophagia Deterrent is proven to deter feces eating while at the same time reduces natural attracting smells of pet waste. In addition, potent powerful anti-oxidants and full compliment of vitamins B to address possible dietary factors that contribute to Cophorphagia are added. Formulated for adult dogs and puppies older than 12 weeks, the powder is for convenient use, cane be added to food or administer directly. 

Weight of Pet Initial dosage (first 15 days) Maintenance dose
Up to 4.5kg
2 big spoon (5grams) TWICE a day 2 big spoon (5 grams) ONCE a day
4.5 to 10kg 4 big spoon (10g) TWICE a day 4 big spoon (10g) ONCE a day
Over 10kg 4 big spoon (10g) TWICE a day 4 big spoon (10g) ONCE a day


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