Petpal Natural Control Flea, Tick & Maggot Treatment Powder 60g

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* Safe even if ingested or inhaled
* Safe for wound site
* No pesticides
* No chemicals
* Safe for New Born Kitten & Cats
* Food Grade Ingredients

Made from food grade ingredients. Natural remedy for Fleas, Ticks and Maggots. Long lasting effectiveness when fur/coat is dry. 100% Organic. Will take effect after 4 days from first application.

To Treat Flea & Tick:
1. Sprinkle Petpal Natural Control Flea,Tick, Maggot Treatment inside cats' fur from head to toe, roll over and powder the legs area and underbelly.
2. Brush against the fur and rub the powder thoroughly.
3. Apply liberally especially the area of flea/tick infestation.
4. Leave the powder on cat for 3-4 days before bath.
5. For best result, comb through cat's fur with flea comb to help get rid of fleas.
6. Repeat application for severe infestations.

To Treat Maggot:
Sprinkle over the maggots and this powder will dehydrate it. The maggots will die due to dehydration. SAFE to wound site.

(Food Grade) Mineral Flour, Silicon Dioxide, Stemona Root Extract, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Iron Oxide


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