Salifert Ammonia 'NH4' Tester

Salifert Ammonia 'NH4' Tester

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The Salifert Ammonia Profi-Test is the ideal addition to any aquarist's kit. Salifert are well known for their high quality aquatic products, and this test kit is no exception.

Ammonia and ammonium can be a real problem to not only a new fish keeper but also to an experienced aquarist. Even a low amount can cause severe fish health problems and even death.

It can be a sign that a filtration system is not fully matured, or that it is not sufficient for the amount of fish in the tank. Ammonia is a by-product of fish waste and uneaten food, so poor tank maintenance can contribute to the problem.

The tests work in just a few minutes, giving a precise and reliable result. With 50 tests in the kit, you are well prepared to carry out routine maintenance.