Gold Medal Whitening Shampoo 500ml

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Gold medal pets with cardoplex is a revolutionary dog shampoo developed to wash and dry your pets faster, so bathing is easier, more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone. The cardoplex system is a unique proprietary trade secret that will wash, rinse and dry faster. Whether an owner air, towel, or blow dries the will notice a definite difference. These formulas incorporate fruit acids, vitamins and fast-acting proteins to aid in water sheeting off the pet’s coat quickly and easily. Pro-vitamin B-5 is a moisturizing ingredient that adds luster and shine to the pet coat, as well as thickens the hair, which helps prevent future damage. Other extracts may be used in formulas to condition, moisturize and protect the coat, and add luster and shine.

Product details of Gold Medal Whitening Pets Shampoo for Dogs (500ml)

  • Moisturizes & replenishes
  • Recommended for dogs & cats
  • Effective on all coats, reduces drying time
  • Recommended for brightening white coats
  • Eliminates yellow discoloration & coat stains
  • Great for both dogs and cats, Blue Diamond Whitening Shampoo is specially formulated to brighten white coats and highlight all coat colors while gently cleansing.


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