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Yeaster Aijyou Small Breed Fish & Beef 3kg

Yeaster Aijyou Small Breed Fish & Beef 3kg

Regular price RM70.90 MYR

・It is the ideal dog food which all nutrients necessary for health maintenance of the pet dog and right upbringing were combined with in a good balance.
・As the animal protein and grains which selected carefully are main materials, be superior to palatableness, and abundant nourishment is digested and absorbed without waste.



Grains (corn, corn gluten feeding, wheat sliding paper-door, rice bran, removal of fat rice bran, wheat flour), beans (de-fatted soybeans, dry bean-curd refuse), meat (feather Mir, chicken Mir), oils and fats (beef fat, purified fish oil (DHA, EPA source), yeast extract, dry chamomile, dry rosemary, alfalfa Mir, fish extract, cheese powder, dry carrot, oolong tea extract, minerals (calcium carbonate, salt, zinc sulfate, calcium, copper sulfate iodate), vitamins (Colin, E, pantothenic acid, B2, A, biotin, D3, B12), coloring agent (yellow 5, red 106, red 2)


Guaranteed Analysis:

It is calcium more than 0.8% phosphorus more than 0.6% more than 3.0 mg/kg of water less than 10.0% vitamin B2 more than 1.5 mg/kg of soot less than 7.5% vitamin B1 more than crude fiber less than 5.5% vitamin A 5,000IU/kg more than 1.0% of linoleic acid more than 5.5% of lipid more than 0.3% of sodium more than 18.0% of protein


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