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Developing The True Aquascape Starter Kit

Developing The True Aquascape Starter Kit

Jan 16, 2022

Cheng Hoo Sew

Over the years, we have customers asking for an aquascape starter kit. It is not that we are not interested in making a starter kit. In fact we also find that there’s a need for a starter kit as starting an aquascape aquarium is very challenging especially for beginners. But we just see that there’s too many starter kits out there that are made to be as cheap as possible. With equipment that doesn’t really work. Chances are anyone that bought one of those starter kits would just quit out of frustration.

But now finally we decided to take the first step. To help people understand the hobby more. We spent months developing this kit. What we want is a kit that is not based on being cheap but an actual kit that would help even for advanced users. But yet we want to stay away from any unnecessary premium products that will not provide any noticeable advantage. We also want to make sure that the kit is truly complete and not missing any essential equipment but at the same time avoid any optional equipment that is not essential. And finally we need the owner to be able to understand and know how to use everything from starting the tank to maintaining it. Which is why we include an easy to understand digital guide in our kit. 

We spend a lot of time and effort to make sure that the guide can easily be understood by users that have no experience in aquarium keeping and yet comprehensive enough to ensure a successful easy to maintain aquascape. The digital guide includes step by step instruction on how to install the equipment. It also includes tips to help choose decorations and plants for the tank. Most importantly there’s details on how to adjust the proper nutrients level which is the main key to success in aquascape.