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First Look at Aqua Guard AquaScape Nutrients Fertilizer

First Look at Aqua Guard AquaScape Nutrients Fertilizer

Nov 16, 2021

Cheng Hoo Sew

Aqua Guard aquascape nutrients are new to the Malaysia market. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron and trace elements are each packed into separate bottles which we like as it gives us better control. It is also very straightforward in its labelling department where the macronutrients NPK are label N, P and K each while the micronutrients iron and trace elements are label Fe and TE respectively. 

Speaking of labels, the dosage is also arranged in a chart for easy reading and furthermore each bottle has the same dose so you don’t need to calculate each one of them. 

There are also tips printed on the label suggesting the ratio for nitrogen and phosphorus. There are also tips on how to dose to make the plant’s color more vibrant. But we still recommend using macronutrients along with a tester. A NPK ratio in the range of 5~20:1:20 should be ok for most. We generally prefer a lower ratio between nitrogen and phosphorus at around 7:1. 

What’s unique about the Aqua Guard nutrients are that they are in tablet form. This means that you have the option of just dropping it in the water or you can insert it into the substrate as needed.

If you're interested, check the link below for pricing: