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How to trim your aquascape

How to trim your aquascape

Aug 12, 2021

Cheng Hoo Sew

Our 120p aquascape display tank hasn't been properly trimmed for a long time. Aside from some minor trimming of the top parts of the stem plants we didn’t really do much to it. This causes many of the stem plants to have no leaf on the lower part. Some of the stems have already decayed and are no longer rooted. So we have to do major maintenance and trimming to make up for it. 

While it is ok to just trim the upper parts to the plants but once a while or in certain situations we need to do more than that. For instance, like in our case the lower part of the plants are no longer in good condition. Therefore we will need to replant the healthy upper part. Or with certain plants that won’t split unless we trim them and we want them to have the non-split look. So we have to always reuse the upper part. And also there are some plants that will have smaller stems when we trim them and if you wish to retain the bigger stem and leaves look, we will have to replant the upper part to maintain the look. 

A precaution for those that do a major trimming like we did is to monitor the NPK after.