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NemoLight S72 88 Pets Mart edition long term review

NemoLight S72 88 Pets Mart edition long term review

Aug 01, 2021

Cheng Hoo Sew

This is the NemoLight S72 Plants 88 Pets Mart Edition. We requested a custom LEDs arrangement for the standard NemoLight s72 model with the set of LEDs that consist more of the wavelength of 450, 612 and 660 nanometer to optimize photosynthesis active radiation (PAR) and also a warmer color temperature. All of this means that the plants will be able to absorb more of the radiation that is put out by the light. Which means better growth, vibrant color and less algae problem. 


We actually did an unboxing and first impression of the light right about a year ago. You can check out the video by following the link. After using the light for about a year we think it’s about time we give you guys a proper review of it. 


What do we think about it? 

Long story short, we like the light so much that all of our display tank lights have been changed to NemoLight now.



A planting light should at least be able to function as such. This means that all sorts of plants can be grown by this light. As you can see from our display tank, we are able to achieve magnificent results with it. The results speak for themselves.



We have seen many lights that perform well initially but lose their efficiency in a very short period of time. Some of them are less than a year. This is usually the case of low quality LEDs or poor heat management. We are happy to report there is no such problem with the NemoLight. As you can see the S72 uses active cooling which means it has a fan that draws in cool air to cool the internal. As long as the fan is working there will be no overheating. 



The S72 does come with some basic automation features and control. There is a preset sunrise and sunset but it is non adjustable. You can get around the timer to determine what’s the time you want the lights to turn on by giving the lights a false time. For example if you want the light to turn on 3 hours later then the preset just sets the time on the system to be 3 hours late. You can’t adjust the amount of hours per day that you want the lights to turn on when it’s in timer mode. 

The LEDs are grouped into 2 channels. You can adjust the brightness of each channel via the touch slider. But you can’t have custom adjustment when you’re running the light on a preset timer. 

That being said, after using the time for sometime we actually prefer the simplicity as it makes everything much easier. The simplicity of it’s function became it’s features after using it. The present is good enough that we don’t find any need to do any adjustment. The time adjustment is only available in hours and not minutes but it just works and we don’t find that we are missing anything by not being able to adjust the minutes of the timer. 



Overall we are very pleased with the light. Looking at the results, it is well worth the price. We have tried different lights which are more expensive yet don't give as good results. Yes it might lack of gimmicky features but considering the price and how well it works, we don’t find ourself missing any of those features that most like we are not going to use.

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