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怎样帮雌性狗狗穿尿片 | How to put a diaper on female dogs

怎样帮雌性狗狗穿尿片 | How to put a diaper on female dogs

Oct 29, 2021

Nicole Sew

Normally female dogs start to go into heat at around 8 months old. Most dogs come into heat every 6 months. On average they will be in heat for 1 – 2 weeks, at which large breeds tend to have more blood discharge compared to smaller dog breeds. Hormonal changes during heat put your dog at risk of a womb infection. Diaper changes are recommended to be minimum 3 times a day.


Step 1:
Open the diaper. Locate the Velcro tape’s dense nylon pile at the backbone area.

Step 2:
Move the dog’s tail through the diaper’s hole with your fingers.

Step 3:
Open the Velcro tape’s nylon hooks end, pull it from the belly area to the backbone area, and then fasten the tape by pressing it together at the back.

Step 4:
Orientate the diaper hole to the anal area, so that their poo won’t get stuck in the diaper.

Step 5:
You can adjust the interlocking area to change the tightness to make sure the diaper is worn firmly. Leaving a gap for 2 fingers would be just nice.

Little tip:

Hide your dog’s favorite snack under the bowl and get her attention. While your dog is focusing on getting the snack, quickly put the diaper on her. After it’s done, reward her with the snack. This way, your dog will associate wearing a diaper with a good reward. Go ahead and try it!

Benefits of spaying your female dog:

1. Lower risk of womb infection.
2. Hormonal feelings like anxiety and discomfort due to being in heat will not happen.
3. Uterus infection will be avoided.
4. Lower risk of developing mammary tumors.

 Hope these little tips help, especially for new pawparents!

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