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如何正确教导狗狗上厕所 | How To Toilet Train A Puppy

如何正确教导狗狗上厕所 | How To Toilet Train A Puppy

Oct 02, 2021

Nicole Sew

What do I need to toilet train a puppy?

We should get the necessities ready and set up for toilet-training before welcoming our puppy home. We will need to prepare a playpen, pet sheet, pet toilet, puppy trainer spray, and some snacks or treats.

How to start toilet training a puppy?

The new puppy should start by living in a confined playpen whereby the space is enough for their basic living needs. This should include access to food and water, their bed, toys, and a toilet area. Spray the puppy trainer on the pet sheet and put it on the toilet tray to create a urine-like odour that will stimulate them to do their business there.

What’s the best time to toilet train a puppy?

Generally, puppies will have the urge to urine or poo within half an hour after a meal, which is a golden opportunity for their toilet-training time. Avoid playing with them in this critical period, don’t distract them by calling their name or walking them around. When they’re in a confined area with no distractions, they will be more focused on the odour present and the chances of doing their business in the correct place will be much higher.

Why rewards and treats are important when toilet-training a puppy?

Once they’ve successfully done their business in the toilet, we must praise them with a very happy tone and reward them with a little snack. Keep repeating this for several rounds as a form of positive affirmation, so that they will quickly associate the action of peeing and pooping in a specific location with our happy tone and yummy treats. It will form the basic foundation of building this habit.

How to get more consistent results from toilet-training a puppy?

However, even when a puppy has learnt this new skill, consistent performance is no guarantee. When a puppy gets too excited, they might still make mistakes. To develop this habit further, try to slowly increase their play time outside the playpen. After the puppy has peed and poo-ed after a meal, we can let them play outside of the playpen for 5 – 10 minutes. Be very strict with the duration of their play time, by increasing the minutes (and then hours) slowly, it will shape a more disciplined habit for the young puppies. Once they’ve been fully toilet trained, they will do it perfectly even when they’re not confined to the playpen.

Recommended pet toilet:
Pet toilets that have a frame can avoid contact between the puppy’s paws and their urine, especially because of the puppy’s body weight. This will allow one pet sheet to last for one day’s usage, instead of changing it every time the puppy urinates there.

Recommended pet sheet:
Choose a pet sheet that matches your pet toilet’s size. This one has good absorbency power and odour control. Newspapers cannot prevent the urine from penetrating to the bottom, so it will get messy and smelly.

Recommended snacks and treats:
It’s best to choose snacks with no additives because it is healthier.

Recommended puppy trainer spray:
If your dog is already an adult and still requires toilet-training, you may get this small bottle of puppy trainer spray, which is not costly and worth the try.

Hope these little tips help, especially for new pawparents!

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